The USA is paying the price for it's WAR on Terror.

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The USA is paying the price for it's WAR on Terror.

Post  Albert on Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:59 am

I've heard and read the usual explanations why the USA is in an economic recession but hardly anyone mentions that the reason for the USA's bad recession is caused by overspending on all their wars on 'so called' terror.

I don't think Bush particularly cares if he is destroying the USA economy by spending 4 trillion dollars on his favorite war on terror. Bush supporters will naturally blame the current collapse of the USA's economy on the housing mortgage crisis. What a joke! Yet there are many people that will believe anything that Bush tells them.

Get ready for Obama (if he becomes president) because he's sure to give the American people much more of the same. It will only end when the USA is totally destroyed.

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