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Post  herald on Sat Jun 12, 2010 2:22 am

Filial forgiveness. Gen 45:14-15.
Evil act forgiven. Gen 50:15-21.
Forgiving spirit. Ex 23:4-5;Pro 24:17;25:21-22.
Parable convinces need to forgive. 2 Sam 14:1-21.
Forgiving prayer. Job 42:7-10.
Forgiven sins honor God. Ps 25:11.
God's forgiveness and punishment. Ps 99:8.
Forgiven, forgotten. Ps 103:12 (To such as keep His Covenant)
None deserves forgiveness. Ps 130:3-4.
Depth of mercy and grace. Ps 145:8-9.
Love's power. Pro 10:12.
Controlled anger. Pro 19:11.
God's reason for forgiving. Isa 43:25.
Forgiveness like a cloud swept away. Isa 44:22-23.
God's love to faithless Israel. Jer 3:12-13.
God's total forgiveness. Jer 50:20.
Forgiving Lord. Joel 2:12-13.
Given a second chance. Jon 1:1-3;3:1-3.
Forgiving grace, mercy of God. Mi 7:18.
Stewardship, forgiveness. Matt 5:23-24.
Forgiving, forgiven. Matt 6:14-15.
Principles of forgiveness. Matt 18:21-22;Mk 11:25;Lu 17:3-4;2 Cor 2:7-10;Ja 5:15,16.
Forgiving, not forgiving. Matt 18:23-35.
Judging, being judged. Lu 6:37.
Gratitude for great forgiveness. Lu 7:39-50.
Full measure of forgiveness. Lu 17:3-4.
Martyr's forgiving spirit. Acts 7:60.
Truly forgiven. Rom 4:8.
God's forgiven enemies. Rom 5:10.
Forgiving member of congregation. 2 Cor 2:5-11.
Forgive complaints. Col 3:12.
Forgiveness, patience. Col 3:13.
Sins of ignorance. 1 Tim 1:12-14.
Paul's attitude toward deserters. 2 Tim 4:16.
Record cleared. Heb 1:3.
Mercy of salvation. Heb 10:17.
Love and forgiveness. 1 Pet 4:8.
Our Advocate with the Heavenly Father. 1 John 2:1,2.

(Courtesy of Ken Anderson: Where To Find It In The Bible)

But, you must be born again to enter into the kingdom of God: John 3:3-7.


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