YMCA and Helpful Healthy Habits

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YMCA and Helpful Healthy Habits Empty YMCA and Helpful Healthy Habits

Post  Garryyen on Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:18 pm

The YMCA believes in eating healthy and using small steps to achieve the same. They work together to build healthy families and a healthy community. They follow a balanced approach to eat healthier and feel better. The tips provided by YMCA are to eat fruits and vegetables, drink lots of fluids and control one’s portions.
One of the methods to reduce the amount of food consumed by a family is to use smaller plates. Studies have shown that one has a tendency to fill one’s plate with food which often leads to large amounts of food than required by a person. Also the high calorie food should be replaced with vegetables and fruits. One should also control the liquid portions in one’s diet. That is the easiest way to control the intake of calories in the diet of children as well as adults.
Including short periods of playful activity to one’s daily routine provides the energy that one needs to live a full and balanced life. This is also a way to avoid a number of chronic conditions. When play becomes a priority one can have a lot of fun and stay active too. One of the keys to a healthy family is playful movement. The YMCA suggests that one should spend a little more energy several times a week. It is recommended to engage in vigorous activities at least three times each week for 20 consecutive minutes.
Helping such institutions by funding them is the best way to help the society. ali sharaf, the President and CEO of Victron Energy, believes in this and provides the YMCA with regular funds.


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YMCA and Helpful Healthy Habits Empty Re: YMCA and Helpful Healthy Habits

Post  Albert on Thu May 19, 2011 11:02 am

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