Does vaping ecigs make you sick?

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Does vaping ecigs make you sick? Empty Does vaping ecigs make you sick?

Post  Albert on Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:35 am

Well when I got my first vaping kit 3 weeks ago and had my first vape , it spaced me out for about 5 hours. I have since worked out that it was the primer in the atomizer that I inhaled that made me sick so I bought another kit and have now only used cartomizers.

So when I got my second kit, and using cartomizers, I still got sick from the chemical taste from the flavoring in the juices I vaped. So the next thing to do, was obviously to order juice with no flavoring, which I did.

Now I am vaping 0 nic with about 50/50 PG and VG, unflavored.

I have about 5 puffs and get a bit woozy. I then give it a break and then have another 5 puffs (vapes) and get woozy again.

I've tried vaping 100% VG unflavored, and 100% PG unflavored, and they all seem the same to me. They make me woozy.

Maybe if I cut out smoking analogues altogether , I wouldn't get woozy.

I have ordered Organic 100% flavored VG juice with different low nic levels. That will be my next experiment at vaping to see if I don't get any side effects. I expect to get the organic juices from the USA in about 2 or 3 weeks time.

I know all the additives in ecigs are food safe, etc, but they're safe to eat, not necessarily safe to smoke. Lungs are very absorbant little things whereas when you eat something it goes through your stomach acid, intestines, and liver and kidneys. It gets processed by our bodies. Being safely processed by our bodies and getting shot straight into our lungs on a constant basis are two different things entirely.

People are understandably concerned about what they are vaping-I think providers of "organic" juices should be happy to explain what substances are in their juices that are healthier than the run of the mill offerings that dont claim organicness!


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