Dull Ache in Groin, Stomach and sometimes testicles

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Dull Ache in Groin, Stomach and sometimes testicles

Post  Albert on Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:15 am

Posted by Gary

Wonder if anyone could shed some light on this:-
Male, 38 N/S.
I developed a dull ache in my right testicle and the ache seems to shift around between the testicle, right groin, pelvis and stomach, I went to see a doctor who has taken a urine sample and prescribed anti-biolitcs (in case of an infection). I am still waiting test results. Other noticable things:-
* Ache is worse when I sit
* Ache is not severe...its mild but annoying
* I have had it for 10 days now
* Ibuprofin seems to help a little
* Been on anti-biotics for 6 days now - no change
* Had a mild fever at the onset
* Cant find find any lumps in the groin or testicle (nor did doctor)
* Pain seems concentrated around appendix area (area that hurts when you exercise a lot)
* Stomach feels a little bloated
Any ideas?? Cheers!

and 2 years later Gary posted this.

Hi All,
I am the original poster. Its been over 2 years since I originally posted and sadly report that nothing has changed. I have been to numerous doctors, had numerous tests which have ruled out infection, hernias, prostate issues, kidney stones, appendix issues. I have learned to live with the problem and occasionally take Ibuprofen when the discomfort gets really annoying. I have spent thousands of dollars on doctors and attempted self-treatments, I have lost weight, gained weight, exercised with both low impact and high impact exercises. Nothing has helped.
I am trying one more specialist - a musculoskeletal doctor. Will let you know what happens.

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